To offer you an ever better service we have decided to cover most of the tours that we offer with an additional insurance valid for the whole day and free   THE COVERAGE OF THE INSURANCE
Medical assistance by accident.    $ 25,000,000
Medical assistance due to illness.    $ 6,000,000
Pharmaceutical expenses.    $ 250,000
Income for hospitalization.    $ 30,000 DAILY, FOR 30 DAYS
Nurse at home.    INCLUDED
Emergency dentistry by accident (included in accident amount).    $ 12,000,000
Initial attention for pre-existing conditions.    FULL ATTENTION UP TO 6 MILLION
Medical expenses for maternal illness.    FULL ATTENTION UP TO 6 MILLION
Hotel for accidental convalescence.    INCLUDED, 12 MILLION LIMIT
Medical transfers by accident.    INCLUDED, 12 MILLION LIMIT
Transfer and accompanying stay in case of accident.    INCLUDED, 12 MILLION LIMIT
Transfer and accompanying stay due to accidental death.    INCLUDED, 12 MILLION LIMIT
Transfer of mortal remains.    INCLUDED, 12 MILLION LIMIT
Compensation for accidental death.    $ 50,000,000
Total and permanent disability.    $ 50,000,000
Compensation for accidental death in land, river, and maritime transport.    IF WIDE
Compensation for disability or accidental dismemberment in land transport.    IF WIDE
Compensation for death with a firearm, short sharp or blunt.    IF WIDE
Loss of luggage in air transport.    $ 2,500,000
Legal advice    INCLUDED
Advance of funds for loss of luggage.    UP TO $ 300,000
Specialized funeral service.    INCLUDED
Accompaniment for children under 15.    INCLUDED
Personal assistance in the mourning process.    INCLUDED IN THE FUNERAL SERVICE
Transmission of emergency messages.    INCLUDED
Includes coverage for pre-existing conditions.    YES, UP TO A LIMIT OF 3 MILLION
Includes coverage for accidents under the effects of intoxicating beverages.    IF WIDE
Includes coverage for intoxication, poisoning and drowning.    IF WIDE
It amends the damages to third parties or to their assets derived from the activities and / or operations of the client carried out at a national level.    INCLUDED UP TO $ 100,000,000
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